Beyond Meat is a company focused on creating vegetable protein products for the planet benefit and the people who consume them. They are so similar to meat products that you will find it hard to believe that they are 100% vegetable, made from plants..


Imagine your favorite meat dish, like burgers or hot dogs, with its juiciness, its delicious taste that you know and love so well, and being at the same time good for you and the planet. That’s the future Beyond Meat is looking to build.

Beyond Meat’s mission is clear: Create The Future of Protein – delicious hamburgers, sausages, minced meat and more, all plant-based – made directly from simple vegetable products.

By switching from animal meat to plant-based meat, they are creating a tasty solution that solves the growing problems attributed to livestock production: human health, climate change, restrictions on natural environments and animal welfare.

Learn more about Beyond Meat Here.

At Green & Great we are Official Distributors of Beyond Meat products (Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausage) and we look forward to bringing them to your business. Scroll down a little further to learn about these products.


The authentic 100% vegetable burger that looks, cooks and satisfies just like a beef burger


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The new 100% vegetable Bratwurst looks, cooks and satisfies just like a pork Bratwurst.


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