At Green & Great we are researching and developing new products that are more beneficial to human consumption and less harmful to the environment.

For that purpose, we are collaborating with two leading entities in this food research sector: Food For Life – Spain y CTIC – CITA.

The Food For Life-Spain Technology Platform (PTF4LS) is a space that aims to boost research, development and innovation (R+D+i) in the Food and Beverage Industry (IAB) through the dissemination of knowledge and existing opportunities


For that, PTF4LS facilitates collaboration between companies, technology and research centres, government and financiers in order to generate projects that allow the agri-food industry to be at the forefront of innovation applied to products and processes. Furthermore, it aims to ensure that these projects are carried out in accordance with the needs of the sector, and not just those of research centres.

The main objective of this Platform is to reach a consensus among companies and researchers about the topics that are interesting to be researched in agri-food matters. For that purpose, this consensus will materialize in the development of a Strategic Research Agency.

In addition, the specific objectives pursued by this Platform are:

– To become an interface in the dialogue between civil society and the administration, understood at all levels: local, regional and national, in all issues related to innovation, technological development and research in the agro-food sector.

– To allow a fluid information exchange in order to promote collaboration between stakeholders in a sector or technological field.

– To develop a group of specific knowledge in business management methodologies and technological development.

– Identify, implement and disseminate best practices, pilot cases in new technologies and methodologies aimed at developing new products and optimizing technological and management processes.

– To promote Ethical Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, encouraging the preparation and dissemination of Sustainability Reports that incorporate technological, economic, environmental and social management.

– To develop a Good Practices Observatory and trends in technological development and business management.

About the technological platforms

Technology Platforms are a group of entities interested in a specific sector, are led by industry and aim to define a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) on important issues with great social relevance.

These platforms are developed to promote the creation of public-private partnerships that work in cooperation. Through this joint coordination, these spaces can define the necessary technological and research priorities for that particular sector in the medium and long term, and coordinate national and European, as well as public and private, investments in R&D&I.

However, Technology Platforms can make an important contribution to the development of the European Research Area in terms of growth, competitiveness and sustainability objectives.

CTIC-CITA (CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO EMPRESARIAL ALIMENTARIO) offers the food sector a multidisciplinary and qualified team, made up of food technologists, agricultural engineers, veterinarians, chemists, biologists, law graduates and graduates in business management and administration, as well as the infrastructures (analysis laboratories, industrial kitchens, pilot plants for the processing and packaging of meat and vegetable products) and services that meet the needs of the food sector.

CTIC-CITA, as a research and technological development centre, has significant experience in the management and development of projects at regional, national and European level.

AIDISA has integrated the ASICAR and AIDIA associations, on which the Meat Industry Technology Centre (CTIC) and the Food Innovation and Technology Centre (CITA) depended until now. Both are registered as Agents of the Rioja Innovation System and are recognized as National Technological Innovation Center.



The companies achieve their survival day by day, offering quality products and services where the speed in reaching and satisfying the market is a critical factor. Therefore, the main objective of its managers is the solution of a set of problems that cover the entire spectrum of the productive world, from personnel management and financial aspects to possible production and technological problems, including commercial management.

The Centres objective is offering concrete solutions to some of these problems, being aware of the reality of the business world.

The CTIC-CITA Technology Centres have set as a common objective and guiding principle for all their activities, to increase the development and competitiveness of the agro-food sector.

To achieve this, CTIC-CITA has the following specific objectives:

  • To promote Research, Development and Innovation in the sector.
  • To increase quality and safety in production and processes.
  • To facilitate the training and specialization of the workers.
  • To advise the agri-food sector, providing the necessary technical and analytical assistance.
  • To contribute to form networks of collaboration and cooperation, defending the common interests of the agro-alimentary sector.
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