At Green&Great we are researching and developing new products that are more beneficial for people’s consumption, sustainability and the environment.


To do this, we are collaborating with two entities:

The Food For Life-Spain Technology Platform (PTF4LS) is a space that aims to boost research, development and innovation (R&D&I) in the Food and Beverage Industry (IAB) through the dissemination of knowledge and existing opportunities.


To this end, the PTF4LS facilitates collaboration between companies, technology and research centres, government and funders in order to generate projects that enable the agri-food industry to be at the forefront of applied innovation in products and processes. It also aims to ensure that these projects are carried out in accordance with the needs of the sector, and not only those of research centres.

The main objective of this Platform is to reach a consensus between companies and researchers on the issues that are of interest to be researched in the agri-food sector. To this end, this consensus will take the form of a Strategic Research Agency.

In addition, the specific objectives pursued by this Platform are:

– To become an interface in the dialogue between civil society and the administration, understood at all levels: local, regional and national, in all matters related to innovation, technological development and research in the agri-food sector.

– To enable a fluid exchange of information in order to foster collaboration between stakeholders in a sector or technological field.

– To develop a specific body of knowledge in business management methodologies and technological development.

– To identify, implement and disseminate best practices, pilot cases in new technologies and methodologies oriented to the development of new products and the optimisation of technological and management processes.

– Promote Ethical Management and Corporate Social Responsibility, encouraging the preparation and dissemination of Sustainability Reports that incorporate technological, economic, environmental and social management.

– To develop an Observatory of Good Practices and trends in technological development and business management.

Artica + I – Spain is a technical consultancy and engineering services company for R&D&I management, oriented to formulate and implement optimal solutions for food, logistics and related industries of high sanitary standard.

With a special focus on our sector, Artica + I has more than 25 years of experience in key Food and Nutrition sectors. They help companies and organisations to turn their ideas into competitive projects, services and products, with a clear market orientation.

Artica + I has two departments to structure its Services:

  • Engineering:

They become your strategic partner to develop from scratch Projects of Food Industries, Logistics and related industries, for design and execution of new plants or improvement of existing ones.

Their experience allows them to provide continuous Engineering solutions, for the improvement of various areas of work, working on specific aspects of industrial companies: process technology and productivity, digitalisation and 4.0, energy efficiency and renewables.

  • Consultancy for Innovation:

Not only do they manage different formats of Consultancy per R&D&I Project to optimise their financing and taxation, but they also help to shape their ideas to obtain, on the one hand, the best financial mix, and on the other hand, their objectives of competitive improvement through innovation in their products and processes.

After an initial diagnosis, the continuous consultancy is developed in the Integral Innovation Management, the parent service that integrates all other areas, offering continuous support to its clients throughout the process, in the long term.


This company is based on three differentiating elements:

  1. Methodology that works with the idea in a global and integral way.
  2. An in-house team with experience that provides multidisciplinary knowledge.
  3. An ethical business vision.
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