Why Vegetable Protein?

Young generations like Millennials, who are about eight millions in Spain, are quickly adopting this healthy food.

Not only vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians like it, but also carnivores, meat lovers, who want to reduce their weekly consumption of beef, veal, pork or chicken without renouncing their taste.

Reasons to consume Plant-Based products

Healthy food

Colesterol free. Antibiotics free. Hormones free.

Animal Well-Being

No suffering from intensive production. No sacrifice.

Climate change

Livestock contribute 18% of greenhouse gases.

Manufacturing efficiency

15x less water, 13x less energy, 12x less land

There is not enough meat for everyone

by 2050 we’ll be 9 billion people.

If you want to go deeper, take a look at the following data:

From the consultancy firm LANTERN, the magnificent report “The Green Revolution”

View source

From CB INSIGHTS, compulsory reading

“Our Meatless Future: How The 90B Global Meat Market Gets Disrupted”

View source

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