Green&Great has done the first NoChicken Burrito in Spain!

100% vegetable Burritos, healthy, unique and with authentic tex-mex flavour.

Let yourself be seduced by our wheat tortilla burritos and Mediterranean ingredients, olive oil, rice, and our vegetables, avocado, roasted pepper, tomato and carrot.

There are two amazing types of Burritos:

No Chicken Burrito with vegetables

Black Beans Burrito with Guacamole

Perfect for lunch or dinner, and best of all, you can have it ready in a few minutes, without staining anything at all … and without palm oil!

If you like a crunchy touch you can bake them in the oven (15 min-180ºC), if you can’t stand the hunger, microwave them (3 min).

There are many reasons to turn to the green side of life!

Gama Burritos

No Chicken Burrito with Vegetables

Enjoy No Chicken, rice, onion, roasted peppers and carrot.

It is very tasty, with a spicy hint of chipotle chili pepper and fun in the mouth.

Burrito Black Beans con Guacamole

Taste Black beans, guacamole, onion, red pepper, jalapeño, rice, corn and crushed tomato.

It is very creamy, with a blend of ingredients that makes it irresistible.

Do you want Burritos?

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