We are a FoodTech company and our mission is to research and develop products that integrate into people's diets in a natural way to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

We have strong partners for the development and innovation of our own products that bring added value and solutions to our customers.

All products under our brand Green&Great are own and unique developments. Always Tasty, Healthy and Sustainable.
We work withArtica+i,a technical and engineering consultancy for the development of R+D+i processes, aimed at formulating and a technical and engineering consultancy implementing optimal solutions for food, logistics and related industries with high sanitary standards.

With more than 25 year working in key sectors of Food & Nutrition, their experience allows them to provide continuous engineering solutions for the improvement of various areas of work, working on specific aspects of industrial companies: process technology and productivity, digitisation and 4.0, energy efficiency and renewables.
Green&Great is a member of the Technology Platform Food For Life Spain.

The general objective of the Food for Life-Spain Technology Platform is to promote the transmission of research, scientific and technological advances through public-private collaboration of the main agri-food sector agents in relation to R&D&I and the detection of new demands in the field of Society's Challenges, ensuring the competitiveness and growth of the Spanish agri-food sector.
In the next two years Green&Great will continue to expand its 100% vegetable product proposal. Our aim is to provide solutions to foodservice companies to match its needs and support them to drive a natural introduction in its product proposals.

We will also have innovations that will take us further. We are already researching the development of products created from mushroom mycelium that provide nutritional benefits naturally from the mushroom kingdom, achieving the mouthfeel, taste and appearance of animal products. The upcoming Future is GREEN and we want it to be GREAT for our customers.



We are green, we think about our surroundings, we love animals and we adore nature and the environment.

Our goal is to create rich food with what the earth gives us.

Enjoying food.


Founded in 2018 by Gonzalo Mijangos and Jorge Jordana, both with an impressive professional career of more than 30 years linked to the food world, in its different facets.

Green&Great was created to provide 100% plant-based solutions to Foodservice and Retail, without discriminating against those who are not vegan.

And with the premise of offering products that are always rich, tasty and healthy, aligned with the sustainability of the planet and accessible to all.


We were pioneers selling Beyond Meat in Spain for the first time. We brought the revolutionary Beyond Burger, a product with no meat, no soy, no gluten, no transgenic, no cholesterol but with a magnificent texture and taste.

Over the years our catalog has grown and today we are official distributors of the main brands of 100% Vegetarian products such as Beyond Meat, Heüra, The Vegetarian Butcher, Violife and Rips.


At the end of 2020 we launched our first 100% Vegetarian products under our Green&Great brand. Delicious Gourmet Boletus Croquettes, No Chicken and Blackbeans Burritos, and our first major innovation, 100% Vegetable Mortadella, with the texture and flavour of authentic Italian Mortadella.

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