About us

Gonzalo Mijangos

Gonzalo Mijangos

Founder & CEO

When he was sent to England, being 9 years old, to learn English, Gonzalo developed his love for travelling, so after finishing his Economics and Business Administration degree at Deusto Business School (1982, Spain) he couldn’t be any other thing than an International Sales Executive. Doing this for 33 years of career, holding different managing positions, meant he has visited over 50 countries and lived in Spain, Colombia, South Africa and Australia. Eternal optimistic, he loves meeting people and food.


Last decade he has been selling Spanish food in European countries, until he discovered the disruptive innovation some Plant-based Food was bringing into people, animals and the planet. He decided to play an active role in this green revolution.


Following his quote “what we eat can change the World” he pursues not to forbid but to seduce, offering people a joyful alternative with delicious Vegetable Protein that mimics perfectly that of animal origin.

Advisory council

Jorge Jordana

Jorge Jordana

Always a sharp mind, Jorge is PhD Agricultural Engineer and also Graduate in Economics. His passion about food made him Founder and Secretary General of FIAB (Food & Beverage Industries Federation of Spain) for 34 years. His quest to make our food industry a reference in R+D+i took him to promote in 1992 the creation of the CNTA (National Center of Technology and Food Safety) and CECOPESCA (National Center of Technology for Fish Products) where he is still Member of the Boards. Deep believer in the benefits of public-private scientific collaboration, he promoted the PTF4LS (Food For Life Technological Platform of Spain) aggregating nowadays 660 entities (69 technology centers, 36 universities and 350 companies), where he has been Chairman for 11 years.


He trusts sharing knowledge is key to a better society, getting hands on since 2010 as Patron of Agri-food area of Lafer Foundation and Director of Master in Management of Agri-food companies.


Avid reader, loves Opera and is proud to know 2,000 scientific names of plants!

Beatriz Romanos

Beatriz Romanos

You will know her as the founder of the TechFood Magazine, or perhaps by one of the conferences she promotes or in which she participates on food innovation.


She started in journalism and communication. Soon joined the high-tech world, where she has spent more than 20 years “translating into human language” the twists and turns of technology, processors or algorithms as communication director in international companies, such as Qualcomm, NTT or COLT. There, in addition to chips and bytes, she came in contact with concepts such as ecosystem, entrepreneurship, startups. In parallel, her interest for food, from the point of view of gastronomy, business and health, made it inevitable that both worlds crossed.


Four years ago she bet on the Food Tech industry, innovation and technology applied to the food value chain, from the field to the table. Since then, she has been dedicated to the research, consulting and publishing for companies and startups. She is also mentor in Culinary Action! of the Basque Culinary Center, or METRO Accelerator by Techstars.

José Miguel Flavián

José Miguel Flavián

Miguel has always enjoyed eating, and being curious by nature, always wanted to know the story and origin of what he was eating.


He holds a Diploma in Food Science and Technology and continued studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Food Industry Management and Marketing, at the Imperial College, while working in the quality department of a ready meals manufacturer. During this time he learnt about the wonderful food of many places in the world, and was his first contact with vegetarianism!


He lives in London and works advising companies about the food trends and their impact in their business. He has written often about the plant power revolution and how the desire of many consumers to eat less meat is shaping the demand in the UK grocery and foodservice market. He is member of the Scientific Board of Revista Alimentaria and also works for Oritain, a New Zealand start up that proves scientifically the origin of food, contributing to enhance the transparency in the supply chain.


Find the most innovative and delicious Plant-based Food around the world and make it available to Horeca-Food Service and Retail.

We love food but are also concerned about our health, the welfare of animals and the planet. That’s why we only bring vegetable protein that really mimics that of animal origin, so your customers can swap between them with no effort.

They will have all the taste and joy of the food they love and none of its negative impacts.


To become a European leading company in Plant-based Food, helping your customers to reduce their intake of animal protein while fostering their health, the welfare of animals and the sustainability of the planet.

What we eat can change the world for better and we are here to help it happen with you.


Our day to day business goes with:

  • Highest standard of ethics and integrity
  • Provide clear and consistent information
  • Client satisfaction
  • Care sincerely for people, animals and the planet
  • Optimism and good humour