New Cheddar

Plant Based

#Vegan Cheddar Slices

The Flavour Cheddar Slices plant-based that you´re waiting for. Once your try it you forget the cow Cheddar cheese. 

Melts Better

Our Cheddar flavoured plant based slices have been created to be used hot and have a melt to deliver the best visual and mouthfeel experience, being 100% Vegetable and dairy free.

Taste Better

Its flavour and aroma will allow you to offer the best vegan Cheddar Burger, create plant based sandwiches or transform your Nachos into 100% plant based Nachos with our Cheddar.


50% of the saturated fat of a cow's Cheddar, 27% less calories and rich in carbohydrates (21.9g per 100g). The perfect complement to the vegetable protein provided by other plant-based products such as Beyond Burger.

Available Formats

Slices 200 g / 500 g

Block 3 Kg

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