Why Plan-based?

Young generations as Millennials, accounting for 8 million people in Spain, are switching to this healthy food at a fast pace.


Not only vegan people, vegetarians and flexitarians will go for it but also meat lovers that are reducing their weekly intake of beef, chicken and pork without losing its delicious taste.

Main reasons supporting Plant-based Food are:

Healthy food

Free of Cholesterol, antibiotics
and hormones.

Animal welfare

No suffering at factory farming,
no sacrifice.

Climate change

Livestock accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Production efficiency

15 x less water, 13 x less fossil fuel,
12 x less land.

No meat for all

More than 9 billion
people by 2050.

If you want to insight deeper, have a look at some data.

From LANTERN, consultancy, that produced the superb
report “The Green Revolution”

From CB INSIGHTS, “Our Meatless Future:
How The 90B Global Meat Market Gets Disrupted” that is a must read